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Our Services

White-Glove Wealth Management Services in Lyndhurst, NJ

Making your Future a Priority

The financial advisors at Larsen Capital, LLC have the knowledge, experience and integrity to protect your future and the future of your family. Read about the services we are happy to offer you below.

Retirement Services

Currently there are more than one-third of adult Americans with nothing saved for retirement. This is a jarring statistic. So, with a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Financial Planner on staff, we applaud those who practice careful budgeting in order to ensure they don’t run out of money into their retirement. However, at Larsen Capital, LLC, we believe you can have it all — the assets you need as well as the ability to enjoy them as you most certainly should — through smart planning. After all, you wouldn’t embark on a journey without a map. We help you create a “map” of asset accumulation and distribution that reflects what you can afford to spend, what you will need at the date of retirement, and how to invest your resources through a balanced portfolio that will never leave you wondering about your financial security.

Investment Services

Our rational, strategic investment technique has yielded many success stories. Rather than be influenced by fleeting stock trends, volatile market trends or emotions, we rely on both foreign and domestic electronically-traded and mutual funds we have exhaustively researched that offer diversity and little risk. A mutual fund is a type of investment company that pools money from many investors and invests the money in stocks, bonds, money-market instruments, other securities and cash. There are presently more than 25,000 mutual funds, and we can pinpoint the one that will best serve your needs. And, because the client always has final say over all investment decisions, we at Larsen Capital consider you not just our client but our partner.

Please be advised that investment assets are held in an SIPC insured brokerage account at Charles Schwab. While we are granted permission to trade on the account, that privilege can be terminated at any time by contacting Charles Schwab or transferring your account.

Tax planning Services

Taxes are a part of life, and even with wise investing and saving, your hard-earned wealth can be depleted quickly when it is subject to steep taxing. With the education and experience of an EA and a CPA at your disposal, you can rest assured that the taxes on your assets do not become burdensome.

We offer tax preparation and planning for individuals as well as estates and trusts, and guide you in arranging your finances in a way that minimizes the taxes you pay now and keeps them low in the future.

  • Service fees
  • Our fee structure for our services is as follows:
  • Free, no-obligation initial consultation
  • Minimum quarterly fee of $100
  • Consulting and planning services charge of $200/hour
  • Retirement planning services beginning at $600 (retirement planning fees waived for portfolio management clients)
  • Portfolio management services based on value of assets under management (annual fee of 1% for the first $1,000,000, .75% up to $2,000,000, .5% over $2,000,000, negotiable for $3,000,000 and over)

Building the Roadmap to your Peace of Mind

You’ve worked hard your entire life to acquire the assets that provide for you and your family, and they need to be protected. Let us help you approach your well-deserved retirement with excitement — not anxiety — through sound financial planning. With offices conveniently located in Lyndhurst, New Jersey, we pave the way toward prosperous golden years for clients in the communities of Bergen, Hudson, Passaic and Essex counties. Contact us today at 201.804.4800 or via email for a free initial consultation to begin your journey to a secure future.